About Our Company

Sarosh Musical Instruments...

...is the premier retail store destination in Brampton for all of your musical needs!

Sarosh Musical Instruments was established in 2016 as the premier destination for reliable, high quality, affordable instruments. Our instruments are all carefully curated so that each and every instrument is perfectly suited to your needs.
Our goal is to ensure that each and every individual has access to fine quality and craftsmanship at reasonable prices in order to touch each and every life with the gift of music.

What We Offer

Recognized, Quality Brand Names

Our custom, hand-crafted originals are imported directly into Canada from the manufacturers, and we are authorized retailers for all of our brands including: Pakrashi & Co., Anand Dhotre Flutes, Qasim Niyazi, Somnath Kakade, and Swarup's Harmonium.

Repair and Services


Tabla Repair
Our in-house tabla repair centre utilizes the highest quality of skins and straps available. We pride ourselves on the highest quality of work and satisfaction is guaranteed!

Custom Orders
For clients with specific requests or needs, our Custom Orders department is here 24/7 to fulfill all order requests. From custom designs and tuning, tabla sizes and scales, or any other request, we are more than happy to accommodate you! 

Partner Offers
Sarosh Musical Instruments is a proud supporter of local music and productions. We partner with a number of music teachers and schools to help build and encourage the advancement of the arts. If you would like to join our partner program or take advantage of our special student offers, contact us today!