Somnath Kakade


Somnath Kakade has been manufacturing independent tablas since he was just 14 years old at his uncle Jeevan Vasant Kakade's shop. Once he opened his own shop in Pune, he crossed paths with Pundit Suresh Talwalkar who began to push him to customize tablas in various ways, forcing Mr. Kakade to expand his craft. His reputation quickly spread and Mr. Kakade has now served some of the greatest Tabla maestros, including Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pundit Yogesh Samsi, and Pundit Anindo Chatterjee.

Somnath ji creates some of the best quality tablas in the marketplace today, and Sarosh Musical Instruments is proud to partner with an artist as dedicated to his craft as Somnath Kakade.


Product List

Practice Tabla

Riyaaz Tabla

This mid-range tabla is great for tabla players of all skill levels to use as a riyaaz tabla. All sets come with a bag, rings, and hammer.

Professional Tabla

Concert Tabla

Available in a range of sizes and scales, this concert tabla is made of the highest grade shisham wood and has excellent resonance and clarity. Custom orders available. Comes with bag, hammer, rings, and covers.